Recruitment in Estate Agency

estate agent recruitment

Most businesses, regardless of the industry, find recruitment to be one of the toughest and most tedious parts of running a company.

Sometimes, business owners struggle to recruit the right people because they haven’t actually done the work they need to. This seems unthinkable considering how you do get done as a business owner but it’s often missed.

The key to recruiting well is to know your company values. To know them, you may have to deep dive into your own first. But if you would like to try assessing your company values, download this free pdf.

You can download and print it off, or just make a note in a book. It lists lots of different types of values. Have a read through and if it’s really important to you, mark it a 1 and if it’s not, mark it a 5.

At the end, see which values could perhaps be grouped together under another heading. For example, philanthropy, community, and generosity could be termed ‘service to others’.

You should end up with 3-5 values that resonate the most for you.

Once you’ve identified these, you’re in a place that you can develop from. This might mean recruitment (more on this tomorrow) but it might also mean your website info, your social media posts, even your print marketing like brochures and editorials.

Weave your values throughout your conversations online, in print, and on the phone. You’ll attract people who resonate with them. And you’ll get on so well, in that way you can’t quite put your finger on.

Processes and well-being – like Bert & Ernie – inseparably brilliant.

P.S. In the FB group Systems & Well-being for Property Experts, we have Nicola Broomham coming on soon to discuss recruitment. Keep an eye open for when it airs.