Happy wife, happy life

women in estate agent marketing

Who makes the most decisions when it comes to homes? In our experience of estate agency, “happy wife, happy life” isn’t just a sensible idiom, it’s a fact.

This doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to landlords or property investors but within the domestic housing market. A large majority of those driving the move and making the decisions are women. Whether they’re wives or not.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be putting stats out there. That’s not to say that looking at the numbers isn’t important. But when’s the last time you ensured your social media, your blogs, your branding is appealing to the decision-makers?

Ensure you’re using emotional language in your output. Ensure your output is regular and consistent. Ensure you’re honing in on your ideal client. Use this FREE template to help with how.

As estate agents, we are in one of the most talked-about industries, often for the wrong reasons. You could be the change. Engage your feminine energy.

Stories like this one perfectly explain what I mean and why it’s so important to demonstrate your empathy. Regularly.

Thanks, Noon for this special article. Click on the picture to read this lady’s story about moving.

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