Ten easy video ideas for estate agents

You know you need to do videos, right? Everyone says so. But the cat’s got your tongue.

What on earth can you talk about?

Here are some ideas for you to break through that stagnation.

1. How to prepare your [location] home for sale to achieve a premium price

Every day, you speak to clients and potential clients about how to best dress their property. Take your top three or top five and make a short video about it.

You could overlay before and after images if you know how. You could also use snippets of video of homes that you’ve had on the market that looked good.

2. Achieving the highest price for your [location] home

Similar to the last one but you could speak about broader market trends. Talk about interior trends that are en vogue too.

This could be a good video to demonstrate your local market knowledge. Explain why certain homes are selling for higher prices in your area.

3. Don’t make this £10,000 mistake when selling your [location] home

This is a more dramatic way of saying the same thing we’ve said a couple of times already. What do people do that devalue their homes? Here are some easy topics to cover to get you going:

  • Too much clutter
  • Not using neutral decor
  • Odd jobs left undone, e.g. door handles missing, lightbulbs blown, leaking gutters etc.
  • Not cleaning up after pets.

4. Buying an investment property in [location]

Helping people buy an investment property is a great way to attract potential landlords, either for you to manage or to strengthen relationships with a similar business in your area.

Focus on explaining calculations on yields, management and maintenance costs, and which areas are best in your local market. Explain how buying an investment is nothing like buying a home for yourself and the importance of that distinction.

5. The biggest mistake people make when buying [location] investment properties

This video is a more in-depth explanation of the distinction between buying a home for yourself and buying a property for investment purposes.

Explain how what tenants want is different to what you want as a homeowner. Remind viewers that this is a business decision and they need to take their emotions out of it.

6. Looking around [location]

Pop your phone on a holder in the car and press record. You could talk over the top of the video, like a tour guide, as you drive along.

Alternatively, put the video in some editing software. You could then speed up certain parts of the video, slow down others, doing some vox pops. Just have a play!

These videos can be useful for social media content, your YouTube channel, and your websie. You can also chop them up into tiny bits for even more soc med content pieces and to drive traffic to your website area guides.

7. [Number] of lessons I’ve learnt helping clients move in [location]

Make a top three, five, ten, twenty, fifty list. Brainstorm all the things you have learned over the years and what would be useful for the audience.

This could include name-dropping local tradespeople or businesses. Then you can tag them on social media and they may even share to their audiences too.

8. Local Market Report

Every month, we recommend all our clients put out a local market report.

They demonstrate your expertise, knowledge of your locality, and people love getting up to date information about their homes.

9. What £[number] will get you in [location]

This is a video you’d also have to do fairly frequently as the market shifts. It would be a good one for social media in particular as that’s a place for expiring content.

You could either look at price brackets or property types. Use photos from the portals to make it more interesting to watch if you know how. Don’t worry if they’re properties from other agents – just reference that in the video. You’re providing value, no one will mind and you look like the bigger person.

10. Tips for [type of client] in [location]

This one is lovely and broad. You could cover all sorts of information here. Some ideas:

  • down-sizing
  • up-sizing
  • first-time buyers
  • first-time sellers
  • investment properties
  • new landlords
  • buying a new build
  • buying a thatched property
  • buying a seaside home
  • buying an equestrian property.

The list is endless.

If you would like some more ideas, just get in touch. If you don’t want to have to edit the videos yourself, just get in touch. If you don’t want to manage your own social media, just get in touch!