Proptech Automation: Great or Ghastly?

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Working hard or hardly working? In your heart of hearts, you know the answer. Are you a Procrastinating Pam or a Diligent Dawn?

Are you not delegating the £10 an hour tasks because you don’t think anyone can do it quite like you? Or is it really anxiety about having to do something else masquerading as control freakery?

You’re not wrong, by the way. They can’t do it the way you can. But do you need them to?

When you’re someone who could be doing something to earn you £100 an hour, your time and skills are better used elsewhere.

That’s one of the things that technology often promises us.

‘Don’t worry, Human Overlord, the Binary Code guys and me have got this’, the tech seems to say, ‘You go and eat biscuits or whatever it is you puny humans need to do to stay alive.’

One of the great things about automation is that you can click a button, once it’s all set up, and away it goes.

Take an email series for example.

When we have made a connection with someone local who has a house to sell but isn’t ready yet, we get their email address and permission to keep in touch.

The automation sends emails out quite quickly initially, then with decreasing regularity, but always with value.

Every email adds information to their inbox. About how to sell a house. About the local market. About what they can do to prepare.

And people thank us for keeping in touch and ask us to sell their house.

Not come to value it. Just sell it.

It can take six to twelve months before that happens but aren’t we glad of the automation doing all that relationship building for us?

Yes we are! So is our pipeline!

*Brucey F voice* And what does pipeline mean?

*Audience* Profits!

Where I feel automation is less successful is promising to take over the tasks that start those relationships.

If all your leads that come in are dealt with by a system and not a person, can you really claim “excellent customer service”? Efficient, maybe, but lacking the personal touch perhaps.

Some proptech says it improves your prospecting chances by telling you when someone’s looked at your blog. I can certainly see the positives, if used correctly. But it also feels a little Orwellian.

Some of the best estate agents in the UK and abroad wouldn’t take automation to that level. They are fiercely proud of the training their team receive and leverage truly excellent customer service to achieve their results.

How many of your systems do you automate?

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